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We ensure that treatments are fairly priced and are regularly checked and compared to other similar practitioners.

We ensure that treatments are fairly priced and are regularly checked and compared to other similar practitioners. All prices listed below are for single treatments. They are ‘starting points’, as treatment plans are bespoke and created after a personal consultation.

Before any treatment you will need a consultation with Dr De Souza or one of our Associate Doctors. The consultation is £250 with Dr De Souza or £50 with one of the Associate Doctors. This consultation fee is redeemable again treatments taken within two weeks of your consultation date.

We do not engage in negotiations for discounts or for free treatments. Discussing discounting is not conducive to a positive doctorpatient relationship. So, we politely suggest that clients do not attempt to do so.

Step 1: Refine

Contour & Lift

 REFINEᴹᴰ: Anti-Wrinkle Injections Associate Dr JDS
Standard (1 area) 250 330
Plus (2 areas)** 350** 420**
Premium (3 areas) 420 470
** Also for teeth grinding and neck bands
 REFINEᴹᴰ: Contour
& Lift (Fillers)
Associate Dr JDS
Standard (1 Syringe): Lips, Nose,
Earlobes, Temples
550 650
Plus (2 Syringes): Cheeks, Jawline,
Chin, Tear Trough
900 1,200
Premium (4 Syringes): 8-Point Lift 1,500 1,800
Filler Correction (Removal only) 250 350

Step 2: Perfect

Skin Texture & Pigmentation

② PERFECTᴹᴰ: Renew (Resurface) Face + Neck + Décoll.
Renewᴹᴰ CO2 + PRP 1,800 2,400 3,000
② PERFECT: Texture & Pigmentation Face + Neck + Décoll.
Laser Layering™ Light: Pigmentation 350 450 550
Laser Layering™: Sun Damage 450 550 650
Pro-Lift™: Tightening (lower face only) 450 550
Laser Layering™ + Pro-Lift 550 650 750
Peel: TCA (ZO® 3-Step ™) or Jessner 350 450 550

Step 3: Activate

Skin Glow
& Radiance

Profhilo® Skin Stimulation + LED 550
Mesotherapy – Filorga® + LED 550
Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP + LED 650
PRP-Needling Treatment 550
Meso-Needling Treatment 450
Brazilian Bespoke™ Treatment or Pore Patrol™ 350
Beam Laser Stimulation™ 180


 REFINEᴹᴰ: Fat-Transfer (Micro & Nano)
Full Face Volumisation 4,000
Half-Face/ Tear Trough 2,500

Body: Sculpsure

Body Contouring
& Fat Reduction

 BODY: Contouring (Sculpsure®)
Prices for 2 treatment sessions
Bingo Wings (upper arms) 1,800
Bra Roll (upper back) 1,800
Banana Roll (lower buttocks) 1,800
Lower Abdomen 1,800
Upper Abdomen 1,800
Full Abdomen 3,200
Love Handles (flanks) 3,200
Inner Thighs 3,200
Outer Thighs 3,200
Additional pads (to 3,200 package) 185

Body: Velashape III

Skin Tightening &
Cellulite Reduction

 BODY: Cellulite & Skin Tightening (VelaShape III)
Prices for 3 treatment sessions
Arms (bingo wings) 1,200
Abdomen 1,200
Flanks 1,200
Knees 1,200
Front or Back of Thighs 1,200
Full Thighs 1,800
Buttocks 1,800

Finishing Touches

Hands, Neck
& Décolletage

 FINISHING TOUCHESᴹᴰ: Hands orNeck or Décolletage
Volume (Fillers) 650
Hydration (Mesotherapy (Profhilo or Filorga NCTF135-HA) followed by LED session) 550
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) 700
Renew – CO2 Fractional Resurfacing 1,000
 FINISHING TOUCHES: Hands orNeck or Décolletage
Chemical Peel 250
Laser rejuvenation & Sun Damage 350
Meso-Needling Treatment 350
Double Chin Reduction (Velashape III) 200
Face Thread Veins – 15min/ 30 min 250/ 350
Skin tags & blemishes (diathermy) 350
 BODY: Leg Perfect (Thread Veins)
Laser treatment (Nd:YAG) 550
Microslerotherapyᴹᴰ 550
 BODY: Excessive Sweating
Injections 700

Please note that treatment results may vary from person to person and, therefore, results are not guaranteed. We will always endeavour to explain any possible variance before treatment begins.

On occasions, some people may not be suitable for a treatment or their expectations may be unrealistic. We reserve ourselves the right to refuse treatment where we believe it will not be successful or is not in the person’s best interest.

If you are not satisfied with a treatment, please contact us within one month of your treatment date. We believe in providing high quality care and, where possible, we will work with you to provide a resolution. For more information you can view our Complaints Policy.

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