ENDOLIFT® is a unique, cutting-edge and medical only non-surgical laser treatment which significantly firms and tones the skin, reducing laxity by retracting excess skin. When necessary, ENDOLIFT® is also used to reduce excessive fat, recontouring the face.


ENDOLIFT® is a new non-surgical face lifting treatment which utilises cutting edge laser technology to remodel both deep and superficial layers of the skin, skin firming and toning, the stimulation of collagen production and if required, the reduction of excessive fat (for example under the chin).

The ENDOLIFT® treatment is delivered by Dr Joney De Souza following a full medical consultation.  The treatment uses specially designed, single use micro-optical fibres, thinner than a hair.  These fibres are inserted under the skin into the superficial hypodermis.  The procedure does not require any incisions or anaesthesia and has minimal discomfort.

ENDOLIFT® can also be combined with other treatments as needed to provide even more exceptional results, such as Ultherapy, PRP or Picosure.


No. of treatments       just one treatment normally required, with immediate results

Procedure Time         45-60 minutes

Anaesthetic                 given as needed

Sensitivity Period       minimal sensitivity 

Back to work              immediate

Full Recovery             immediate

Results are not only immediate and long term, but continue to improve over several months as new collagen is developed and reformed.


What can ENDOLIFT® do for me?

ENDOLIFT® can be used for: 

  • skin tightening and toning, particularly for lower-face laxity around the jowls and neck;;
  • when necessary, reduction of excessive fat, both under the chin and on body areas;
  • stimulation of collagen production, for rejuvenation and anti-ageing;
  • remodelling of both deep and superficial layers of the skin, to improve scars, lines and wrinkles;
  • reduction of under eye bags and excess skin;
  • acne scars remodelling and scar reduction;
  • body skin tightening in areas such the knees, arms (bingo wings), or on areas of excess skin such as post-pregnancy abdomens;
  • body contouring by reducing fat in body areas such as glutes, calves abdomen, back of the arms;
  • reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

Who is suitable?

You will be invited for an initial complimentary video consultation prior to treatment to assess your suitability.  You will then be invited into the clinic for a consultation with Dr Joney De Souza and if suitable, move forward to treatment.

How does it work?

The treatment with ENDOLIFT® is performed through a precise, single-use sterile optical fibre (almost as thin as a hair strand) which is inserted under the skin. The laser energy is delivered at the tip of the optical fibre, creating micro-tunnels which produce skin retraction vectors, resulting in an immediate and visible lifting effect.

The ENDOLIFT® procedure requires no incisions or suture and very little anaesthetic is used. When the laser energy is delivered, none or very little discomfort may be perceived. There is also very little downtime following this treatment and the vast majority of people treated with ENDOLIFT® return to work and normal activities within a few hours, after the redness dissipates. 

Body fat reduction using ENDOLIFT® is fast and efficient, as it melts or emulsifies fat. By delivering localised laser energy, ENDOLIFT® also produces body skin tightening and contouring. ENDOLIFT® can be used on the abdomen, inner thighs, flanks, gluteus, knees, arms and scars or any fibrotic tissue. Results are evident from the first treatment but final outcomes are observed after 3 to 6 months. 

What results can I expect from Endolift®?

ENDOLIFT® results are not only immediate and long-term but continue to improve for several months following the procedure, as additional collagen builds in the deep layers of the skin. The skin tightening created by ENDOLIFT® is linked to the very specific attraction of the laser with water and fat, which specificity produces a skin tightening effect, improving skin laxity, increasing skin rejuvenation and when necessary, reducing fat.

As ENDOLIFT® triggers the production of new collagen and it improves the metabolism of the deeper skin which also contains hyaluronic acid and elastin. Therefore, the expected results include the promotion of skin tightening plus the reduction and retraction of skin laxity and improvement to lines, wrinkles and scars. Additionally, when treating for fat reduction in specific areas of the face or body,.

In the body, ENDOLIFT® reduces skin laxity and tightens the skin in areas such as the knees and arms, whilst also reducing areas of fat deposits and the appearance of cellulite.

The response and the duration of ENDOLIFT® results are long lasting. However, results vary from person to person. If necessary, ENDOLIFT® can be repeated with no collateral effects.

How much does treatment cost?

Following your full consultation to understand your concerns and wishes, you can feel assured that we only use the highest quality and FDA approved products and technologies at our clinic. With our expert experience and proven track-record of exemplary customer service, our focus is on you - just have a look at our amazing reviews.

How can I book an appointment?

Contact Dr Joney De Souza Skin & Laser Clinic today on 0207 043 0748, book online now or email us at info@drjoneydesouza.com.