Picosure Laser Tattoo removal is a breakthrough technology that uses ultrashort (one-trillionth of a second), highly-pressurized pulses to shatter the ink into dust-like particles that your body can absorb quickly and effectively.


The PicoSure laser from Cynosure is one of the most advanced lasers in the world for tattoo removal. PicoSure delivers extremely short (trillionths of a second) pulses of energy to break up tattoo pigment. The ultrashort pulses and wavelengths work together to shatter the tiny particles of ink in your tattoo while minimizing the amount of heat delivered to your skin which means that over several treatments the tattoo will fade as the ink breaks up and disperses. Your body will then naturally and safely remove these ink particles via its immune system.

Dr Joney De Souza Skin and Laser is one of the few clinics in London able to offer the PicoSure laser which is the most advanced and the best permanent tattoo removal laser on the market. The PicoSure laser is able to target black, blue, red, green, and multi-coloured pigments, something which is not possible with an older laser tattoo removal machine. 


No. of treatments       varies depending upon the consultation

Procedure Time         varies

Anaesthetic                 topical anaesthetic can be applied to the area prior to treatment

Sensitivity Period       some redness and tenderness following treatment

Back to work              immediately

Full Recovery            redness and tenderness subsides 2-3 days following treatment


What can Picosure Tattoo removal do for me?

Remove unwanted tattoos using the latest and most advanced technology.

Who is suitable?

You will be invited for a full skin analysis using our Observe 520 skin analyser and also a patch test to ensure skin type and suitability.  Following this you will have a full medical consultation to assess your suitability for this treatment.

How much does treatment cost?

Following your full consultation to understand your concerns and your wishes, you can feel assured that we only use the highest quality and FDA approved products and technologies at our clinic. With high level of costumer service and our expertise, our focus is on you - just have a look at our amazing reviews.

Very small (1-3cm)   100* | 500**
Small (4-8cm)   150* | 750**
Medium (9-15cm)   250* | 1,250**
Large (16-20cm)   400* | 2,000**
* 1 treatment session ** 6 treatment sessions | Sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart

How can I book an appointment?

Contact Dr Joney De Souza Skin & Laser Clinic today on 0207 043 0748, book online now or email us.


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